DATE: 1995


SIZE: 3000 SF

On the hills of Malibu overlooking the shore, this house is built on an existing structure and tennis court. These restraints called for a new organization of the whole site in regards to entry and landscaping. Two new wings (3,000 square feet) embrace the old structure (3,000 square feet), and tie all the structures (existing and new) together as a new and consistant building.

Two colors of stucco accentuate the forms and create a playful relationship between the parts. A pool and open fireplace towards the back of the property extend the living parts of the house into the landscape.

The entry court meets a curving patio which establishes a piano nobile fresco as a new transition between the raised floors of the house and the sunken tennis court. The landscape design reinforces the new orientation of the house with a continuous row of palms from the front to the back of the property. Facing the street, the house expresses the variety and playfulness of the new form.

CLIENT: Lee and Carmen Ritenour

DESIGN TEAM: Mark Mack, Francie Moore, Robert Flock

CONSULTANTS: Mia Lehrer (Landscape)


GA, Houses #59

Elle Magazine