JUNE 2011


Mack Architect(s) is planning a 52 unit infill housing project in Graz, the second largest city in Austria. This project has been designed to address the new demographic that has evolved in the mostly traditional neighborhood. The currently underdeveloped lot between an early 19th century housing block and a sixties apartment building will be developed with smaller units, 400 - 600 SF studio and 1 bedroom units, for tenants of all ages. On the garden and roof level, larger units are added to exploit the natural features of a mature garden landscape and sun exposure at the top of the building.

Its close proximity to the technical university and the city center makes this an ideal location for serving a variety of tenants, who either by convenience or cost shy away from investing in larger and more luxurious apartments. The Uhlandgasse project also addresses the current real estate crisis by offering a less expensive rental opportunity for students and older people alike.