DATE: 2005


SIZE: 50,000 SM

This service apartment project on the Corniche of Jeddah takes full advantage of the seaside views but also o ers private swimming pools in the sky. New zoning rules in Jeddah allow this 35 story apartment tower to rise prominently along the edge of the Red Sea. Along with new prestigious hotels and signature apartment towers, this project helps to transform this tranquil area near downtown into a diverse and vibrant part of the city, creating new identity for the skyline.

Most apartments in this tower are two stories with large double height spaces. In addition, there are three large penthouses crowning the structure. The apartments range in size from 460 m2 to 560 m2 and feature large private outdoor spaces. The terraced gardens overlook a large, curving swimming pool drenched in sunlight. The view from the pool offers an infinity edge, blending into the sunset of the Red Sea.

Privacy concerns shifted the apartments so that no view faces other resident’s private spaces. Each unit has large window walls to their garden and secondary balconies onto their space. Large cantilevered sections protect the garden terraces from the scorching sun and envelope each of the individual spaces. In addition to the typical amenities, each apartment has maid quarters, family and media rooms, a large master bedroom, generous bedrooms with their own balconies, and private elevators.

Commercial support spaces such as restaurants, buisness centers, and retail offer the residents a full range of services with food and cleaning service connected to the apartments. Garages are above ground and allow direct access for the owners of the lower units.

This building projects a unique identity into the towering skyline, becoming a new icon in a rapidly growing city in the Middle East.

DESIGN TEAM: Mark Mack, Carlos Florez