DATE: 2009


SIZE: 520 SM

Sphere2 is a new facility for the creative staff of the rapidly expanding company Zooom Productions adjacent to the original building. While the original live/work building was built using pre-fabricated KLH panels, the new building was built using conventional concrete and masonry construction. The front two facades of the new building use raw steel plate to contrast the weathered wood siding of the original building. The roof slopes gradually down from the original building height, respecting the neighboring buildings and site conditions. Two dynamic balcony volumes puncture the main form of the building, providing additional ceiling height in the upper level and allowing clerestory windows to bring in natural light from above.

The building is three stories at it's highest point and contains large creative studios, conference rooms, a kitchen, an exercise room, a climbing wall in the area which connects the new building to the original and a small apartment for creative guests at the lowest end of the buildling. Exposed concrete floors with radiant heat and a raw material palette contribute to a design aesthetic which is simultaneously casual and controlled. Various sustainable building features such as photovoltaic panels on the roof, connection to a remote heating plant, radiant floor heating and strong insulation values make this building a responsible partner in the precious and picturesque lake region around Salzburg. If you can imagine the scenery in the movie 'The Sound of Music' you know the landscape.

CLIENT: Zooom Productions

DESIGN TEAM: Mark Mack, Matt Bean

ASSOCIATE ARCHITECT: Christian Panek (Panek Architekten, Salzburg)

BUILDER: Christian Unterberger (BSU - BauService Unterberger